We didn't invent Natural Options, we just believed more people should have access to them.

In the 1990s, scientists in Brazil began researching the natural properties of algae with a special focus on the marine plant’s rich calcium content. Early studies showed algae-based calcium had promising potential as a wellness supplement, especially among those seeking to promote bone strength.

Where Did We Start?

Researchers found that algae-derived calcium extracts contain significant amounts of magnesium and manganese–the minerals responsible for the efficient bio-availability of calcium. In other words, it was discovered that algae-based calcium is absorbed more effectively by the body, thus helping to promote bone strength in a completely natural way.

Shortly after, Natural Option was founded in order to give people easier access to algae calcium and its newly discovered properties. In fact, we became one of the first brands to sell this type of calcium derived from sea algae. Since then, we have made it our mission to provide people with effective, all-natural wellness products made with high-quality organic ingredients.

What Do We Do?

At Natural Option USA, we are continually reviewing the latest research made by leading scientific institutions. We use science-backed studies and data to formulate each of our products, always prioritizing natural ingredients and customer satisfaction.

In the last two decades, our organic products have helped thousands lead a healthier lifestyle by supporting mental and physical wellness in an entirely natural way. Despite our established position in the industry, we are continuously seeking ways to improve our products and services while remaining committed to credibility, transparency, and quality.


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