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OsteOrganiCAL Plus™ Bone-Building Supplement And Multi-Vitamin Solution For A Happier And Healthier Life.

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A Natural Solution To A Healthier Life

Our products are developed through tested scientific processes and measured against rigorous quality control standards.

Natural Options USA supplements provide the benefits of organic nutrition at a price that is affordable and accessible to all those seeking healthier lifestyle choices.

A Natural Solution To A Healthier Life

With OsteOrganiCAL Plus™, you get more than just an amazing dietary additive, you also get a multi-vitamin solution that packs a punch.

Natural Options USA only bottles the best, all-natural supplements to keep you healthy and enjoying life to the fullest. If you are an athlete, outdoors enthusiast, or just a plain old busy body, you need OsteOrganiCAL Plus™.

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Products to Solve Your Issues, Naturally

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Relief From A Variety Of Ailments

100% Natural Enhanced Formula



Not just those suffering from disease that can benefit from OsteOrganiCAL Plus™. Those who live active lifestyles or regularly engage in sports put excess strain on their bones, muscles, and joints, and if not cared for correctly, these pieces of the human body can become less effective over time, resulting in stiffness and lessened mobility.

OsteOrganiCal Plus™ helps fortify your body to keep it fresh and powerful for years to come.

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Calcium is the building block of our biology. It is a key nutrient for bone, muscle, and keratin health, If your body is calcium deficient, you could be living a very painful life…and that’s where seaweed comes in yes, the gooey plant-like algae that grows on the ocean floor.

Seaweed is a calcium-heavy ingestible that provides the doses you need without all the extra unhealthiness found in other calcium-heavy substances.

Seaweed is a macroalgae that is harvested directly from the ocean floor and added to our supplements, without the use of preservatives or synthetic additives.

For the morally conscious among us, take stock in the fact that seaweed is 100% vegan. No animals are harmed in any way in the process of formulating our products.

Seaweed is one of the most resilient substances on the planet, making it an ideal ingredient for use in health supplements, without disturbing the ecosystem.

What's In OsteOrganiCAL Plus™

As important as calcium is to our overall health, it can be surprisingly tricky to find sources that provide enough of it.

Sure, there are plenty of foods and beverages that supply hearty helpings of the stuff, but when combined with other preservatives, ingredients, and chemicals, many good nutrients are lost in digestion.

Not to mention, if your choice source of calcium lacks enough Vitamin D, then your body is likely leaving a lot of that nutritional value on the table.


Seaweed-based calcium builds your bone strength and helps you stay fully functional. At 80% recommended daily value for just one serving, you will be ready to take on even the toughest life challenges. 


Vitamin D3

This super vitamin is essential for the proper metabolization of calcium and other nutrients within the human body. It is also a proven ingredient to help manage high blood pressure

Vitamin K2

This vitamin might be new to you, but it is essential for your health. K2 plays a key role in the metabolization of calcium, so that it is used where it is needed (bones and joints) and redirected from where its buildup could cause damage (kidneys).


In small amounts, manganese is a miracle worker. It helps to stimulate blood flow and lessen inflammation, which is especially important to those suffering from osteoarthritis.


This naturally occurring mineral aides in enzyme reactions throughout our bodies. When added to the other vitamins and minerals in this list, it can work wonders for digestion and metabolization.

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Improving Lives, Naturally

At Natural Option USA, Environmental Sustainability Is A Top Priority

Natural Options USA is an established brand with over two decades of experience.

Our journey started in 1991 when we came across this powerful ingredient. On a business meeting, we got a chance to research and explore sea algae, incredibly rich in natural minerals.

The algae, throughout its lifecycle, calcifies to protect the living organism. The flow of water breaks off bits of this powerful calcium-packed structure, carries these pieces, and stores them deep under the sea. This is where the magic happens. Mariners harvest the remains and unleash the true power of more concentrated seaweed.

Seaweed is what is referred to as a “macroalgae.” But do not let the name put you off. Seaweed is a composite of many different types of algae that, like most plants, uses photosynthesis to thrive. But unlike other plants, seaweed is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to vitamins and minerals.

We realized that most seaweed samples contain anywhere from 15-30% RDA per 100mg. Even on the lower end of the spectrum, this power plant provides nearly three times the dose of calcium as other leading foods and beverages, such as many types of milks and cheeses. This, among many other factors, makes it an amazing source of nutrients to fight joint pain and other maladies.


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