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For decades, our natural products have helped thousands of users like you live a more wholesome life. As part of our mission to be 100% transparent, we have created this page to provide new users with real success stories from actual customers. Browse through these stories and reviews from real users to learn more about our products and what they can do for you.

Featured Review - Elizabeth Howard

My mother was diagnosed with osteoporosis before I had left for college. She would always tell me to be careful because this illness might be hereditary.

Being the careful woman that I was, I always maintained an active lifestyle, I watched what I ate, stayed away from any unnecessary physically enduring activity. 2 years ago, I celebrated my 53rd birthday and I decided to take a physical exam to make sure I was still healthy, unfortunately, I was diagnosed with an early stage of osteoporosis. It was really hard for me because I had done everything in my power to avoid being in this situation. It became challenging to stay active and eat the right foods. I talked to a lot of doctors and one of them recommended OsteOrganiCAL.

I made my research and decided to order my 5-month supply. I wasn’t too sure about it at first but the people at Natural Option helped me through the process, guiding me through the whole journey. I felt very confident about this product, and I am happy to say, after five months of being on it, OsteOrganiCAL really worked, my T-scores have gone up dramatically. If you have osteoporosis, I highly recommend Natural Option. Great time to be alive! Thank you Natural Option.

What Our Customers Are Saying


“In April, I had a bone scan and was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis. In May, I found out about a product called OsteOrganiCAL™. I took it for three months, went and had another bone scan. My overall bone density was increased by 3.9%. I have never felt better.”

Joan M.


“I am pleased with the results as far as pain is concerned. I used to have a spot on the side of my foot, which hurt quite a lot when walking and that pain is well gone. The surgery area feels just fine now too. Plus, I feel better after being on this product. My doctor would have preferred that I take Fosamax, but after much deliberation, I was convinced I should try OsteOrganiCAL™. I am grateful to you and my lord.”

Arleen B.


“This is my second order and I feel so much better after two months of taking OsteOrganiCAL™.”

Rogene L.


“I first started on OsteOrganiCAL™ nearly two months ago and my back feels so much more relaxed. Thank you for the first improvement I have seen in 23 years.”

Mary P.


“The product is marvelous, I am finding results more than I hope for, with only one month’s use.”

Edward P.

shutterstock_172341548 (DESKTOP-6V7D5QT's conflicted copy 2020-02-11)

“These OsteOrganiCAL™ supplements have taken my form of Osteoporosis to Osteopenia! I can’t take prescription drugs and love how this product works so well.”

Bobbie K.


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