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For decades, our natural products have helped thousands of users like you live a more wholesome life. As part of our mission to be 100% transparent, we have created this page to provide new users with real success stories from actual customers. Browse through these stories and reviews from real users to learn more about our products and what they can do for you.

Featured Review - Elizabeth Howard

My mother was diagnosed with osteoporosis before I had left for college. She would always tell me to be careful because this illness might be hereditary.

Being the careful woman that I was, I always maintained an active lifestyle, I watched what I ate, stayed away from any unnecessary physically enduring activity. 2 years ago, I celebrated my 53rd birthday and I decided to take a physical exam to make sure I was still healthy, unfortunately, I was diagnosed with an early stage of osteoporosis. It was really hard for me because I had done everything in my power to avoid being in this situation. It became challenging to stay active and eat the right foods. I talked to a lot of doctors and one of them recommended OsteOrganiCAL.

I made my research and decided to order my 5-month supply. I wasn’t too sure about it at first but the people at Natural Option helped me through the process, guiding me through the whole journey. I felt very confident about this product, and I am happy to say, after five months of being on it, OsteOrganiCAL really worked, my T-scores have gone up dramatically. If you have osteoporosis, I highly recommend Natural Option. Great time to be alive! Thank you Natural Option.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Tueth & Keeney 9/19/2017

“This is the best memory product I have ever taken.” I have been searching for a memory supplement that contained all the ingredients I knew would be great for my memory. I could not find another supplement that had all the amazing ingredients that Memoral® does. Not only does it work great for me, but Natural Option has also made it affordable with their great packages. I’m a customer for life!”

Mandi D.


“Trying Out Memoral ® Was the best decision I ever made” I admit I was skeptical whether this product would work for me. I have always been forgetful, and I sometimes misplace things like my wallet or phone. Soon after I started Memoral ®, I realized I did not struggle to remember what I had to do that day or misplace things. I am more focused, and I feel overall happier and more relaxed! I am so satisfied with this product; it is amazing how it has helped me. With a family history of Alzheimer’s, I have always been afraid of losing my memory. Now, I do not worry every day. I know taking Memoral ® will help my brain stay strong.”

Joseph C.

Margaret Love Picture

“Enclosed are two bone density test results, taken 1 year apart. There is a significant increase in bone density on the second test. OsteOrganiCAL™ is a wonderful product. It was very important to me to find an effective bone building product within harmful side effects. OsteOrganiCAL™ works very effectively for rebuilding bone, but it also improves muscle tone and tooth health. I am very pleased with the results of my test and the overall improvement in my health. Much better than Fosamax or Evista, with no side effects!”

Margaret L.

Ruby Davidson Picture

“This year from January through March, I was again in bed. I ordered OsteOrganiCAL™ in March. Within two weeks I was better and in two more weeks the sciatic pain left. I have been on it for 8 months now and have not been in bed for 7 months.”

Ruby D.

Irene Mields Picture

“Back on August 16, I had a follow up bone density done. There was a +7.5 improvement in the bone mineral density in the lumbar spine and a +18.4 improvement in the proximal left femur overall, which my doctor considered significant. In effect, the osteopenia in those areas had been eliminated and replaced by normal bone density. The technician, in fact, stated that in her entire career, she had never seen an increase of this magnitude and asked what I had been taking. I informed her that I had sent for my first 6-month supply of OsteOrganiCAL™.”

Irene M.


“I have dutifully taken the product since it arrived some weeks back. The soreness in my lower back has diminished considerably despite my getting even less lower back exercise than I was before.”

Susan K.


Some customers authorized the use of model pictures as a representation for their own.

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