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Thousands of Customers

With more than 40 years in the industry, our algae calcium and memory capsules have resulted in thousands of healthy and satisfied customers worldwide. Our formulas have helped users of all ages improve bone strength and enhance overall brain performance in a completely natural way.

Scientifically Backed

Each item in our collection is made using clinically tested, natural ingredients backed by years of scientific research. Studies conducted by certified medical professionals have shown our formulas to be effective and safe, ensuring the best quality products for physical and mental wellness.

Products to Solve Your Issues, Naturally

OsteOrganiCAL Plus, consists of highly absorbable organic calcium, extracted from algae and natural, clinically-supported ingredients like Vitamins D3 and K2, which enhance the body’s ability to absorb calcium into the bones. Backed by science to fortify your bones, this natural system of calcium pills has helped thousands improve their mobility, posture, and overall lifestyle.

This newly improved formula contains all the properties that OsteoOrganiCAL + Osteo D3 provides, plus an addition of Vitamin K.

Our brain performance capsules are made with a blend of natural ingredients and essential nutrients specially selected to improve memory. Memoral also helps promote other cognitive functions, including focus, concentration, and learning.

Our signature bone-strengthening system combines the properties of highly absorbable plant-based algae calcium and naturally sourced vitamin D3 for a complete and efficient solution to brittle and damaged bones.

Unlike the new formula in OsteOrganiCAL Plus, our bone strengthening system does not contain any Vitamin K, which could drastically interact with any blood thinner-like drugs.

Natural Option USA was founded in order to give people easier access to algae calcium and its newly discovered properties. In fact, we became one of the first brands to sell this type of calcium derived from sea algae. Since then, we have made it our mission to provide people with effective, all-natural wellness products made with high-quality organic ingredients.

At Natural Option USA, we are continually reviewing the latest research made by leading scientific institutions. We use science-backed studies and data to formulate each of our products, always prioritizing natural ingredients and customer satisfaction.

In the last two decades, our organic products have helped thousands lead a healthier lifestyle by supporting mental and physical wellness in an entirely natural way.