OsteOrganiCAL® + Osteo D3

Our signature bone health system combines the properties of plant-based algae calcium and naturally sourced vitamin D3 for a complete and efficient solution to brittle and damaged bones.

OsteOrganiCAL® + Osteo D3 consists of highly absorbable organic calcium extracted from algae and natural ingredients, which enhance the body’s ability to absorb calcium into the bones. Backed by science to fortify your bones, this natural system of calcium has helped thousands improve their mobility, posture, and overall lifestyle.

Vitamin K2 is not recommended for those on blood thinners. 
We provide the same source calcium in both OsteOrganiCAL and OsteOrganiCAL+ formulations, which is the most important ingredient.


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Now you have all-natural products that will allow you to regain the active lifestyle you love, like playing tennis, golf, skiing, and working out. Orthodontic treatments lead to bone loss and rejection of implants, which can be healed with proper calcium supplementation.

The absorbable source of calcium just mentioned is available in our all-natural, unique, health-based products.


Since our calcium is derived from organic seaweed, it is highly absorbable, and our unique blend creates up to 95% absorption by the body. This will ensure there are no kidney stones or blood clots because any excess is naturally eliminated by urine.

The algae we use comes from a raw source that contributes to its expansion and prolongs its sustainability.

Originally harvested from the waters of Iceland our formulation contains multiple trace minerals that occur naturally and support your body’s uptake of the bioactive calcium as well as contributing to your overall health and vitality.

Osteorganical Studies Demonstration

Susan E. Brown, PHD., CCN
Medical Anthropologist
Certified Clinical Nutritionist

PHOTO SOURCE: www.betterbones.com

Doris has had five sequential bone density measurements. These measurements documented that she was consistently losing bone. She began using the OsteOrganiCAL® in the 2 calcium caps and 1 vitamin D cap recommended dose (from here on to be called the “ recommended dose”). Doris gained bone mineral density at all sites tested after 14 months using the product (+1.7% in the total Hip; +2.6 % in the femoral neck and + 1.8 % in the spine).

Rose, after 12 months using OsteOrganiCAL® increased bone mineral density in both the spine and hip
( + 7.8 % spine and + 2.3 % hip). Scoliosis may influence spinal reading.

Natural Bone Health

Paulina had a CT scan providing a diagnosis of spinal osteoporosis (only the spine was measured). She began OsteOrganiCAL® IN THE RECOMMENDED DOSE. Paulina took another bone-building agent. The bone density improvement between her tests 6 months apart while on OsteOrganiCAL® moved her from having severe osteoporosis with a -3.5 standard score to a just barely having the osteoporosis diagnosis  of – 2.5 standard deviation six months later.

Elizabeth began using OsteOrganiCAL® WHILE USING NO OTHER MEDICATION THAT WOULD IMPACT BONE. The follow up bone density test done 18 months later showed an increase of total hip bone mineral of + 2.5%; a spinal increase of = 18.9% and a wrist decrease of -5.3%. She took the recommended dose of OsteOrganiCAL®.

Lois was diagnosed with osteoporosis by a single measurement of the distal radius (wrist). She was on no other bone medications when began on OsteOrganiCAL® in the recommended dose. In 11 months while in OsteOrganiCAL® SHE GAINED 4.5 % in the distal radius.

Janice was diagnosed with osteopenia of the spine and found to have hip bone density lower than that of the average young person (but not yet in the osteopenia range). She began OsteOrganiCAL® because her mother had severe osteoporosis and Janice feared losing bone. Janice took the recommended dose. She was on no other medications that would impact bone. Although only having mild osteopenia, Janice had spinal increase of 4.8% and a 0.1% increase in the total hip during the time she was on OsteOrganiCAL®.

Marlene was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in the hip. Her base line bone density test showed on-going bone loss of both the spine and hip. She began using OsteOrganiCAL® in the recommended dose. After 6 months she gained 3.7% in the spine and 0.6% in the hip.

Ruth‘s baseline study test was while she was already been on anti-resorptive drug therapy for some four years. Ruth began using the recommended dose of OsteOrganiCAL® While CONTINUE ON THE ANTI-RESORPTIVE DRUG THERAPY. Her subsequent bone density two years apart showed increases that in my analysis are clearly due to the addition of OsteOrganiCAL®. I SUGGEST THIS BECAUSE Ruth had been on anti-resorptive drug therapy for over four years when she began OsteOrganiCAL®. At that point bone building impact of anti-resorptive drug therapy should have reached a plateau and subsequent large changes in bone mineral would not be expected. The increases in bone mineral seen when OsteOrganiCAL® – W. Ward, M.D., North Carolina was added to the
long established anti-resorptive drug therapy program were +5.9% in the spine and + 11.6% in the hip. She had been on OsteOrganiCAL® 22 months at the time of this follow-up bone mineral test. 


Marion’s base line bone mineral measurement had a diagnose of osteopenia of the spine. SHE BEGAN TAKING OsteOrganiCAL® on the recommended dose. After 6 months she showed a spinal increase
of 3.2% and a hip increase of 1.3%. Interestingly enough, before using this product she experienced a 3.57% loss in spinal bone within 11 months period. Marion’s case might be confounded, however, because during 6 months of her time using OsteOrganiCAL® she also used some amount of Soy Isoflavones. As best she recalls, during 6 months of OsteOrganiCAL® USE SHE ALSO USED SOME 80 MGS OF Soy Isoflavones from four to five times a week. From my research on Soy Isoflavones, I do not believe this dose of Soy Isoflavones had a significant bone building effect. This possibility, however, cannot totally be ruled out. Soy Isoflavones research suggests that regular daily use of 100 mgs of Soy Isoflavones is needed to obtain a much less increase in bone density.

Irene was using anti-resorptive drug therapy ten months before she started to use OsteOrganiCAL®, taking it along with the anti-resorptive drug therapy she had already been on for ten months (being on OsteOrganiCAL® FOR NEARLY 15 MONTHS AND ON drug therapy some 26 months ) She was documented to gain 7.5% spinal bone mineral and 18.4% hip density. As the radiologist technician commented to her, these gains are very unusual and not commonly (if ever) seen with the use of anti-resorptive drug therapy alone. These exceptional gains in bone mineral obtained by combining the drug anti-resorptive drug therapy with OsteOrganiCAL® suggest a new possibility of combined therapies well worth investigating.

We are the Leader in Natural Bone Health through our development of plant-based calcium products that have been proved again and again through scientific tests and research studies to be extremely effective.

What truly sets us apart from the crowd is the fact that we guarantee your results. We do that because we have complete confidence in our approach to bone loss with our products. We do not intend to diagnose or give medical advice.

We are dedicated to Improving lives, naturally

We have been in business since 1991 and have thousands of happy, satisfied clients nationwide. In the last 20 years, we have sold millions of bottles that have helped untold thousands of clients. All of our products come with a full 30 day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

Our Special One Year Bone Density Promise.
If, after one year of the first purchase and continuously taking our product, your density test shows no bone mass improvement, we will refund every penny you paid us.