With a new year brings change and a rebranding. We want to introduce you to the new OsteOrganiCAL Plus® calcium supplement.

Have no fear, the OsteOrganiCAL Plus® is the same organic and natural formula, and price as the Osteo Bone Builder Plus. The only difference between the two products is the name.

Starting in 2021, we will fully transition from the Osteo Bone Builder Plus to OsteOrganiCAL Plus®.

Build Bone Density THE NATURAL WAY

Whether you find yourself recovering from orthopedic surgery, spinal fusion, hip replacement, and the like, you know the uphill battle you have and how much living these conditions have taken out of your life. Suffering from Osteoporosis or osteopenia causes back pain, as well as knee, hips, and wrist pain.

It is easy for your bones to become very brittle that you may fall due to a broken bone caused by severe Osteoporosis.

Since we are continually reviewing the latest research made by leading scientific institutions, our product development is based only on science-backed studies and data utilizing all-natural ingredients.

With our organic products, many clients have been able to lead a healthier lifestyle by supporting mental and physical wellness in an entirely natural way.

We are continuously seeking ways to improve our products and services while remaining committed to credibility, transparency, and quality.

Now you have all-natural products that will allow you to regain the active lifestyle you love, like playing tennis, golf, skiing, and working out. Orthodontic treatments lead to bone loss and rejection of implants, which can be healed with proper calcium supplementation.

The absorbable source of calcium just mentioned is available in our all-natural, unique, health-based products.


1 Month Supply

$49 per Bottle
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28% OFF
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7 Month Supply

$35 per Bottle

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What Our Customers Think

Dot H.

I absolutely LOVE Memoral!..I'm almost 78, very healthy and active, but I've noticed I am forgetting lots of little things.  Since I've been taking MEMORAL, there's a definite IMPROVEMENT!!  Thank you for your product.  

Sandra G.

I had a traumatic brain injury in 2009 and was put on a seizure medication for life! Last year I went to a new neurologist and asked if I could be taken off this medication.  She had me take several tests and discovered I still need seizure medication but when she saw what I had been taking all these years she said BUT, we can CHANGE your medication for sure!  She said the one I was taking had a terrible side effect...it depletes the calcium in a person's body!  This was NOT what I needed in my 70's!!!  But to my amazement my calcium levels (i.e. bone density)I were almost the same as before and then I told her it was because I was taking Osteorganical all these years!!!  I am so grateful to your company and the lady I first spoke with who explained all about the difference in Osteorganical and other calcium supplements.  I believe God caused me to understand and say yes. I do remember starting out slowly, but I don't remember the beginning amount nor the rate of increase until I finally have been taking it every day!!!

So, thank you, thank you, thank you for this product!   I have fallen a few times, but nothing broken at all!!!

Bobbie K.

I have been using the calcium and D-3 supplements for over 15 years. They have increased my bone density in a very significant way, without having to take prescription drugs with all the side effects. More recently, my husband and I have started taking Memoral and we have really noticed the difference it has made in our memories and clarity. This is a wonderful company that cares about it's clients and always goes a step beyond to help their clients. I wholeheartedly recommend this company and it's products.

Phylli P.

I am so glad that I use Osteorganical Plus. I can paint, hang my drapes. I do all my own work, I will be eighty next birthday, these ladies are wonderful women, they will help you. I’ve never been so happy. I walk better, bend down better. So gave it a try, you will love it like I do. I am very happy, and I told all my family about Osteorganical.

Eva C.

After 2 months of using this product I have noticed an improvement on small but important things. I no longer get stuck in the middle of my conversations repeating myself and I also am more aware of where I leave my keys. I did not realize this but my husband made me aware.

We are dedicated to Improving lives, naturally

We have been in business since 1991 and have thousands of happy, satisfied clients nationwide. In the last 20 years, we have sold millions of bottles that have helped untold thousands of clients. All of our products come with a full 30 day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

Our Special One Year Bone Density Promise.
If, after one year of the first purchase and continuously taking our product, your density test shows no bone mass improvement, we will refund every penny you paid us.