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Why Natural Option?

Unlike other brands, we continually stay up to date with the latest research made by the most reputable scientific institutions. We use scientifically backed research to formulate each of our unique products, always prioritizing natural ingredients and customer fulfillment. No more bone fractures, no more worries, no more fear of doing certain things!

Algae calcium is a one-stop source for all your bone-strengthening needs.

Vitamin D3 enhances your body’s ability to absorb calcium more efficiently.

Vitamin K2 can help users maintain strong, healthy bones.

Magnesium helps preserve bone density and structure.

Manganese not only reduces the risk of bone loss, but it also improves bone mass, as well.​

Why Natural Option?

Osteorganical / Algae Plant Calcium

Natural Option is a wellness brand with the mission to provide people with effective, all-natural products uniquely made with high-quality organic ingredients. Our signature bone health system combines the properties of plant-based algae calcium and naturally sourced vitamin D3 and other key nutrients for an efficient solution to osteoporosis. The pre-digested calcium in OsteOrganiCAL Plus is a unique, highly absorbable form of calcium proven to be unusually assimilated by the human body.

Our new OsteOrganiCal Plus calcium pills have been uniquely formulated to maximize the effects of algae calcium using 100% natural ingredients. In addition to highly absorbable pre-digested calcium, this enhanced formula contains nutrients that naturally boost the body’s ability to absorb calcium quickly and efficiently. To help you save, when you purchase a bundle (Buy 5, Get 2 free), you also receive free shipping.

Our True Stories

Before finding out about Natural Option, I used to take Actonel. I was on it for years with no improvement to show for it. After I started using Osteo Bone Builder Plus, a DEXA scan revealed a significant increase in bone density in my spine. I’ve been using Natural Option for 4 years now and I can safely say that their products really work. I’m satisfied with my care and I will definitely keep taking Osteo Bone Builder Plus. 

Michelle B.


I’ve recently been diagnosed with Osteoporosis. As hard as it was for me, I found some relief when I read about Natural Option and they’re bone loss solution. I’ve been taking Osteo Bone Builder Plus since May of 2018 and my next test is not due until 2020. I feel less stressed about my next test results because I trust Natural Option will work its magic on my condition.

Renata D.

North Carolina

Although the quality of their product top-notch, I think customer service could use a little bit of improvement. I think they’re very expensive but the results are notable. I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering from weak bones.

Claudia P.


I haven’t been using Osteo Bone Builder Plus long enough to see if my condition improved but I feel pretty confident that it will. The customer service is good, they really care and their products are affordable. I will definitely do another review once I get my next test results.

Renata M


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