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As we grow older or face ailments, we’ll inevitably face obstacles with our health, where bone strength is the key to recovering back to our total capacity. However, the calcium supplements we need to thrive are mostly lacking, stopping us from being our best physical selves. Why are these products not helping us get back to optimum efficiency?

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The Problems with Most Calcium Supplements

It is no secret that we need a good, efficient, and more natural source of calcium to support a more active and healthy lifestyle. That notion is especially true should you have osteoporosis or recover from spinal surgery. However, we find ourselves with calcium supplements recommended by medical professionals that see us losing bone density rather than healing.

We have identified the significant problems behind the majority of calcium supplements.

The lack of essential nutrients in the supplement.

The most vital information about the supplements is that the calcium included only makes up 1 of the 16 essential vitamins and minerals you need to facilitate better bone strength. Medical professionals seem not to tell you this fact. Most entities will focus their production on giving people calcium and omit all the other crucial elements that contribute to bone density.

Included ingredients may do more harm than good.

Everyone tries to jump on the health train and offer calcium supplements that say they work and have them validated by a ‘medical professional.’ Most of these supplements get mass-produced with potentially harmful chemicals included in the mix. Even if there is a lot of calcium in the supplement, your body won’t absorb it properly should it try to fight these dangerous ingredients.

The poor routing of the calcium supplement.

There is no guarantee that the mineral ends up where you need the mineral to be in the body. The lackluster quality of calcium may build up in unwanted places like arteries, kidneys, and even your brain. That could compromise your health even more.

The side effects of unnatural compositions.

Natural remedies have proven the most efficient way to absorb any beneficial vitamins and minerals. Yet, we see calcium supplements that feature chemical compositions with side effects, some potentially more dangerous than we realize.

So, with the problems in mind, you may question why you need calcium supplements in the first place?

Trigger #1:
Compromised Bone Density

There are numerous factors where you could find that your bones aren’t as strong as you need to support a healthy lifestyle. There is a general understanding that calcium is required to keep bones strong. Still, the extent of importance seems to go amiss. What causes compromised bone density?

  • You are suffering from osteoporosis or osteopenia. These diseases are common ailments that see your bone tissue to deteriorate, leading to fragile bone mass. Calcium supplements can help reverse the problem by adding more density and strength to bones.
  • You are getting older. Bones begin losing more tissue than can get replaced after 40, ultimately leading to weaker bone density. Calcium intake is a treatment to maintain stronger bones.
  • You have had a broken or damaged bone. There is an apparent compromise to bone density after breaking or damaging one or several. Calcium supplements can help rebuild and heal your bones in the most efficient, natural way.
  • Medications are affecting your bone mass. Some drugs like cancer treatments, heartburn relievers, and epilepsy medicine cause bone loss. You may not be able to stop your course of medication, but calcium supplements can repair and maintain your bones.
  • You are recovering from surgery. If you have had major surgery, your bone mass may not be at an optimum. Therefore, a greater calcium intake can help speed up recovery times, heal more efficiently, and keep your bones strong. Calcium can help recover from surgeries such as:
  • Orthopedic
  • Hysterectomy
  • Spinal Fusion
  • Hip or Knee Replacements

So yes, various ailments cause weaker bones, with osteoporosis one of the leading causes. However, there is another significant reason you may need a greater and more effective calcium intake.

Trigger #2:
You're Seeking a Supplement for a Healthier Lifestyle

Our bodies face wear and tear as we age and get on with our daily routines. Trivial activities like walking, sports, working out, and running can impact our bones, where they may erode and deteriorate over time without proper treatment.

Many supplements and methods say they can help maintain your lifestyle and facilitate health and happiness. But how can they assist if they all continually face the above problems? Just take a look at some of the major side-effects of taking Osteoporosis drugs:

If you or anyone you know is suffering from bone loss, you will be surprised to know that there are some hidden triggers that are usually ignored by most doctors. Yes, you must understand that the most osteoporosis prescriptions are designed to treat your symptoms, they do not help when it comes to addressing the underlying cause of bone loss. The problem is, you might get some relief for sometime, however, your symptoms will keep coming back.

Just like taking a shot of Novocaine for a tooth cavity, it masks your pain for limited time. Since your cavity isn’t treated, the pain comes back as soon as the effect of drug is over. And the problem doesn’t stop here. What shocks the most is that Antiresorptive drugs slow the rate that your body breaks down bone. Such drugs may include denosumab, bisphosphonates, calcitonin, estrogens, and others.

Anabolic drugs enhance the bone formation process. Examples include romosozumab (Evenity) and teriparatide (Forteo).

Alendronate (FOSAMAX)®, Ibandronate (Boniva®), Risedronate (Actonel®), Zolendronic acid (Reclast®, ZOMETA®, Raloxifene (Evista) etc. are drugs that may seem effective for the bone health, however, the reality is different. There are multiple side effects, and consuming these medicines for more than 3-5 years may increase your risk of a break in your thigh bone. Not only this, you may also get osteonecrosis of the jaw when you depend on these medicines for more than 4 years. These drugs also weaken the immune system, upset Stomach/Esophageal Inflammation, cause Osteonecrosis of the Jaw, Bone, and create many issues, such as Joint and Muscle Pain, Femur Fracture, and more.

Those that need more calcium need better solutions. We have three that can break boundaries on receiving your necessary calcium.

What are the Solutions for Better Calcium Intake?

So what can we do when we need calcium that doesn’t compromise our health or lifestyle or have any unwanted side effects? Is there a more holistic, natural way to get the calcium we need and support and strengthen our resolve? Yes, two essential calcium sources outperform any others.

Algae Calcium – Algae calcium is a plant-based mineral that derives from plants like seaweed. This source is highly beneficial considering the quality and concentration of calcium inside and how quick and easy it is for the body to absorb the nutrients.

Natural Calcium Supplement – Natural calcium supplements tap into a wealth of vitamins and minerals to facilitate better absorption and build better bone strength. Vitamin D is one of the many essentials that contribute to better bone strength.

So what's the best solution for better calcium intake?

OsteOrganical Plus by Natural Option USA is the ultimate supplement, pairing both the properties of algae and vitamins and minerals into one power-packed product for bone strength.

The Facts Behind OsteOrganiCAL Don't Lie -
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Why is OsteOrganiCAL a game-changing calcium supplement? It may be one of the best-kept secrets in the trade, but we’d argue they align with those with calcium needs. See some of the most outstanding accomplishments of the product below.


Get relief from a broad spectrum of ailments.

Heal and recover faster from plaguing issues such as osteoporosis, orthopedic surgeries, replacements, broken bones, and much more.

Enjoy the enhancing properties of the integrated vitamins and minerals.

OsteOrganiCAL Plus supercharges your bone-building with additional vitamins and minerals. They help with metabolization, stimulation, and body function.

These include Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Manganese, and Magnesium.

The supplement perfectly tailors to an active lifestyle.

Live the happy and healthy life you want to live by ensuring your bones will always have the strength to carry out any physical activities.

The natural composition helps the body absorb calcium quicker and more efficiently.

OsteOrganiCAL leverages the power of seaweed to bring the fastest, most natural, and dynamic way to deliver calcium into the body.

See much stronger bones with extraordinary bone-building properties.

There is nothing quite like the properties of OsteOrganiCAL, carefully sourcing all the most quality, natural ingredients from around the world, combining them to create the ultimate calcium supplement.

View the articles below for even more evidence of benefits:

Get your life back on track the natural way.

Are you ready to reap the rewards of a better calcium supplement? OsteOrganiCAL Plus is the answer to the life you deserve to live. Enjoy our affordable, beneficial, and wellness pioneering products today.

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What Our Customers Think

Dot H.

I absolutely LOVE Memoral!..I'm almost 78, very healthy and active, but I've noticed I am forgetting lots of little things.  Since I've been taking MEMORAL, there's a definite IMPROVEMENT!!  Thank you for your product.  

Sandra G.

I had a traumatic brain injury in 2009 and was put on a seizure medication for life! Last year I went to a new neurologist and asked if I could be taken off this medication.  She had me take several tests and discovered I still need seizure medication but when she saw what I had been taking all these years she said BUT, we can CHANGE your medication for sure!  She said the one I was taking had a terrible side depletes the calcium in a person's body!  This was NOT what I needed in my 70's!!!  But to my amazement my calcium levels (i.e. bone density)I were almost the same as before and then I told her it was because I was taking Osteorganical all these years!!!  I am so grateful to your company and the lady I first spoke with who explained all about the difference in Osteorganical and other calcium supplements.  I believe God caused me to understand and say yes. I do remember starting out slowly, but I don't remember the beginning amount nor the rate of increase until I finally have been taking it every day!!!

So, thank you, thank you, thank you for this product!   I have fallen a few times, but nothing broken at all!!!

Bobbie K.

I have been using the calcium and D-3 supplements for over 15 years. They have increased my bone density in a very significant way, without having to take prescription drugs with all the side effects. More recently, my husband and I have started taking Memoral and we have really noticed the difference it has made in our memories and clarity. This is a wonderful company that cares about it's clients and always goes a step beyond to help their clients. I wholeheartedly recommend this company and it's products.

Phylli P.

I am so glad that I use Osteorganical Plus. I can paint, hang my drapes. I do all my own work, I will be eighty next birthday, these ladies are wonderful women, they will help you. I’ve never been so happy. I walk better, bend down better. So gave it a try, you will love it like I do. I am very happy, and I told all my family about Osteorganical.

Eva C.

After 2 months of using this product I have noticed an improvement on small but important things. I no longer get stuck in the middle of my conversations repeating myself and I also am more aware of where I leave my keys. I did not realize this but my husband made me aware.

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Get your life back on track the natural way

Are you ready to reap the rewards of a better calcium supplement? OsteOrganiCAL Plus is the answer to the life you deserve to live. Enjoy our affordable, beneficial, and wellness pioneering products today.


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